Life On The Horizon is an alternative rock band from Philadelphia PA. Formed in 2011 the band consists of Andrew Johns (singer/guitarist), Rob Fruchtman (drums), Hans Gustaf (bass), and Katy Vona (keys/guitar).


All of its members are well known within the music scene in Philadelphia and in Nashville. The band met each other while studying at University. Johns, Fruchtman, and Vona are well known within the music scene in Philadelphia and Nashville as recording engineers and full time musicians.


They released their debut record “Coast” on October 8th 2013. Johns describes the record as “epic and raw.” It contains 11 songs and was written in 4 separate cities about the current generation. "It's a west coast record made by an east coast band. The songs reflect where I was personally though it's very character driven."


Among those in the extended family, the band has adopted Jack Whitis for writing, preproduction, and additional guitar work, Lukas Clientele on bass for a brief time, Zubair Latib Raymond as a co-writer, Jared Kotler of Marcy’s Playground as a producer, Kirby Chin of Rivers Monroe and Chris Pomrink for arrangement and production, and Ben McGuinn as their main recording engineer.


“Each of these members are equally important as they shape the sound and feel of the record,” says Johns. “We’ve never been more excited about a project before. We did it ourselves and we did it the right way.”